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Curlec has enabled us to create a better payment experience for our members with faster payouts and flexible payment options to cater to our packages, resulting in a 40% increase in our collection rates since last year.”

Carlos Villa,

Founder of Union Strength.

Founded in 2017, Union Strength was established with a mission to provide a community of like-minded gym goers a space where they could truly focus on strength and conditioning. Through its personal training, group HIIT and mobility classes, the gym is working towards its vision in playing a huge part to help Malaysians get fitter.

The Challenge

As a newcomer in the scene with no prior experience working with any other payment platforms, Union Strength needed a payment solution that not only provides better recurring payment experience to cater to the different subscription packages for its customers, but to also remove any concerns with high cost, high failed transactions as well as lack of customer support seen in other payment providers.

The Solution

Taking away the admin work associated with their recurring payment collection, Union Strength’s partnership with Curlec has enabled the gym to see a 40% increase in their collection rates since last year. Thus, creating faster payouts and flexible payment options to cater to different membership packages, resulting in better payment experience for its gym members.

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