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Made to fit - a recurring payment method for the recurring business model.

Flexible Billing

Customise billing dates, amounts and frequencies according to your packages, or let your subscribers choose for themselves.

Increased Reach

Direct Debit pulls payments from bank accounts, as well as credit cards. Give anyone who’s interested in your business the ability to pay for it.


Direct Debit automates billing processes while still ensuring the power of payment collections is in your hands.

"Our main problem is the time taken to send paper Direct Debit mandates for processing which often takes weeks. Curlec solves this problem by authorising mandates online in minutes and always accurate."

Dennis Martin

Group CEO of CTOS

A simpler subscription solution.

Customisation is key

Direct Debit offers unending room for flexibility. Businesses can choose to customise each payment plan by frequency, value and collection date to name a few. More than one subscription package? Just adjust the frequency to suit your needs.

Reach the masses

In 2017, only about 20% of Malaysians were credit card holders. Direct Debit says goodbye to payment method limitations and allows your customers to pay directly through online banking. An added benefit to this is that bank accounts don’t expire and rarely change.

Subscriber satisfaction and stickiness

Subscribers don’t like being tied down. Give them the option of spreading out billings over time instead of lump-sum, making your business a trustworthy fan favourite while still guaranteeing prompt payment on time, every time.

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