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Make Recurring Collections A Realty

We help agencies, joint management boards and building managers to collect recurring fees.

Hassle Free Payments

Give your tenants the ability to pay for their rent as well as property management fees automatically.

Improved Cash Flow

Automate the collection process so that you can save time and costs chasing after tenants who fall behind on rent or management fees.


The quick and easy set up lets you sit back and let Direct Debit do the worrying for you.

"We always try to maximise the value provided to our clients in real estate operations by reducing the time spent on monotonous tasks. Curlec helps us to achieve this by digitising the rental collection process."

Jeff Tan

CEO of Rentguard

The simpler way to pay and receive rent.

An extra selling point thanks to credit card points

Direct Debit enables your tenant the option to pay via credit card, so they can collect credit card points by the tens of thousands, incentivising them to use this payment method.

Reduce the volume of late payments

Collect management fees or rent when it’s due at the custom amount and frequency that you need. Put the usual routine of chasing tenants behind you by automatically collecting the payments every month.

Maintain lasting relationships with your tenants

Let Direct Debit do the tricky work for you. It automatically pulls payments from your tenant’s account or card at the agreed amount, date and frequency so that you and your tenant can sit back and forget about the monthly collections.

Our partners in the property market include

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